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Alien Thug (Daily Monster: 09 out of 30)


Sketch of an alien thug that would work well in a toony video game. I was happy that I was able to exaggerate the shapes but still make him look coherent. The image was sketched in mypaint.

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Some slimy serpent thing (Daily Monster: 08 out of 30)


I don’t know what dark side of my brain this abomination came from.

I was experimenting in mypaint, an open source paint app. I has a fun and quick, yet very hard to use, ‘modeling’ brush. I like the controlled randomness the brush has.

I think mypaint works great for sketching on the computer when a pen and pencil are not available.


The Threedeesss Monster (Daily Monster: 07 out of 30)


In a strange twist of irony, when I was beginning to paint something on my computer, a wild storm came along and turned off the power. Thankfully my 3ds was fully charged, so I painted this in the dark. Just when I finished it the power when back on. lol

I used a paint app called ‘colors’ to paint this.

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Armadilo Barbarian Sketch (Daily Monster: 06 out of 30)


The daily monster painting has been a two edged sword. It’s given me the motivation to paint and explore but because of time restraints I do not have time to fully research material for my subjects. This means the anatomy and potential variations suffer. I will try to figure something out. For example I love the face but the clothing is very plain because I had time to skech armadillos but not any time to research clothing. I might lengthen the project to give me a extra day to do some research and prelims for each character.


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