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Daily Paint 8 – Experimental Dragon Painting on an Android Tablet


My first attempt to do a ‘true’ digital painting on an Android tablet. The paint app I used was Sketchbook Pro. I used a plain stylus. No pen pressure. Found that blocking in with a solid color and then using the pencils was easier to handle then the crazy ‘natural’ brushes

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Daily Paint 7 – Rayquaza Guy


Based on a inside joke I have with a few buddys on a forum. Its supposed to be me as a rayquaza. Like I said it doesn’t make sense but it would take too long to explain the joke. Even the title itself is a joke.I will draw a real rayquaza sometime next week. I sketched and somewhat painted this on my android tablet using Sketchbook Pro.


Daily Paint 3 – Totodile

totodile painting art pokemon happy

Totodile – Another starter Pokemon I am fond of. Was painting this while breaking a sweat. I just wish I can get over this stupid cold. After finishing this painting, a pose that is 10x better popped into my head. I will paint easier things when I am sick. Pokemon are easy for me to paint. Hopefully I will feet better, so I can draw something more intricate.

Spent only a 1/2 hour before I just didn’t feel good enough to paint anymore.


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