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Dad Character Concept Art

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Here is some wip concept art for the dad character in my comic project, a loving yet absent minded father, is a professor and genius, yet cant tie his shoes correctly

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gryphon sitting, golden eagle, lion, mouth open, black beak, paper background,

A digital drawing of a gryphon named after my username. What started as a quick doodle, became something i spent too much time on. This is my first attempt to put a lion and a golden eagle together with out predominantly using lines in the drawing. I could of spent more time on the wings and paws but I got tried of working on it. I will be attempting more gryphons in the future.



Hello everyone. I am a artist . I am starting a new blog due to the fact that my comic has taken over my previous blog and I needed a simpler alias that is easier to remember. Maugryph is simply the name of the Egyptian cat ‘Mau’ and ‘Gryph’ from the gryphon put together. simple stuff. I will try to upload some artwork tonight on my blog.