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I posted a video review on youtube… and it got 4600 views?!

Update 12-13-2012: It’s now at 18,000 views. I don’t know if Big Lots even sells this tablet any more. I fascinated why this video is so popular. If i knew it was going to beview this many times, I would of put more effort into the video and used a tripod. Oh well.

The internet is a totally random place. Two weeks ago I bought a low-end android tablet at big lots for a steal. I notice that there was no info on the net  and no reviews on youtube and decided, what the heck, i will post a short video review on the tablet. My FIRST VIDEO REVIEW EVER! Two weeks later I have 5 subscribers, 40 comments, and 4600 views. I did nothing to promote this video. Zero, Nada, Zip. I got a wide variety of comments ranging from, “great review, thanks for the help” to support questions like “How do I install Google Play?” i even got my first negative comment telling me that my voice was too “too monotone and boring” and that I should “practice in a mirror”.   I wish I could get my art this much attention.

I really cant fathom why my review video has received so much attention. I uploaded a few more reviews a didn’t get more then 60 views each. So I guess I just got lucky and filled a need in the Youtube videosphere that was empty at that time. I will do more reviews for a while, but i question if I will have the same reception as I did with my first review.

Here is the video if your interested in watching:

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