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Plans for this year (2013)

Hello fellow bloggers.  A new year has put upon us and I have some new projects that I will be working on this year.

First is this blog. Although I set up up this blog about 4-5 months ago and only begun to post regularly on it, I have received positive reception to my art, which has encouraged me to continue developing and uploading my recent work. I have done little last year to promote my site and I plan on changing that by doing my best to interact with my artists/bloggers on WordPress as will as use twitter, deviant art, and google+ as promotional tools. One of my weaknesses is to interact with people on the net. I plan to change that that (although cautiously, trolls are everywhere nowadays).I will also expand this blog for all my creative projects, such as my music and little games. I tried to make blogs for separate my separate projects in the past (ex one for my music, and one for my reviews) but it is so time consuming and frustrating that I though just consolidating everything into one main blog is more logical. However I will never bombard my readers with 100 of posts a week of sketches or anything crazy like that. I will consolidate compress everything into one or two posts a day. However the man focus of this blog will always be my art.

I have a new web comic planed for Super Defective. I’ve got tired of doing single panel gags and am working a more dialog driven comics, based on current events, slice of life, and dialog with friends. the character themselves are monsters based on creatures created by our culture. Their personalities will be based on real people in my life, including myself. so far the cast will start out with just two characters and will build up slowly. All comic work will be created in vector to make a profession looking comic. I love drawing comics in a ligne claire style and vector will help me achieve that. I plan to start uploading the new series in February of this year.

I also want to improve my environmental and character concept art, make it feel more alive and professional. I am behind in my studies but I  want to get to a level that I can show my art work on conceptart, midway though the year, although I pretty certain they will tear me apart, but at least I will get useful feedback from them, unlike Deviant Art.

My last project is a girl and her cat that go on world trotting adventures (it’s more detailed then that but to keep things short), I haven’t decided if this will be a game, comic, or whatnot, or even if it will progress. I have idea for a grand story and some neat characters, I just still figuring on how to make it happen. And how to learn the skills to make it happen. If everything goes well. I would like to have the core story finished and make it known to the world before the third Hobbit movie comes out in Dec 2014.

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