black and white, cavern, concept art, darkness, digital art, emotion, human, illustration, landscapes, monocromatic, painting

The Cavern

dark cavern concept art story man trapped in cavern screaming for help monocromatic dusty

A explorer falls off a ledge and gets trapped in a cavern . Shouting for help, will anyone hear him? It was a more difficult piece to paint this time because I cockily attempted 2 light sources. Decided to make the image monochromatic instead of just black and white in hopes to give the environment a more dusty fell. I attempted to make the image somewhat claustrophobic  by shrinking the focal point and surrounding it with black.

Painted in Photoshop
Time Taken 3 Hours
Copyright 2013 Maugryph.

3 thoughts on “The Cavern”

  1. Your artwork is absolutely stunning.
    My mother was an artist. Worked mostly with oil paints.
    She tried to explain the mysterious vanishing point to me once, when I was about 7 years old.
    It lives somewhere off of the page, in an artist’s land.
    I didn’t quite understand. But I stood and watched her draw and paint for hours.

    1. Thank you so much Mary. I agree. It’s amazing how important perspective is in art. I even a simple cartoon character will look flat if the perspective is out of whack.

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