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Farley the Unicorn Finshed Model + Lighting test and Animation


unicorn scared freaking out 3d modeling

Farley the unicorn is finally finished. I thought Farley’s face and coloring was making him resemble more of a rhino than a horse. So I remodeled the face to look like a horse. Recreated the tail and horn. changed fur color to gray and painted the textures onto him. I love the look of gray horses with the dark coloring around the muzzle so I included that in his design. Jed is much easier to creative expressions due to his mouth range being in front of the muzzle.

I can finally start ‘Dean and Jed’ (or ‘Jed and Dean’, I haven’t decided which sounds better) I’m keeping it at a two character cast for a while, later I will create a stock sheep character that I can morph into other sheep characters for extras in scenes. I start cranking out something on March 4.

But I have been putting my concept art training on the back burner so I will be working on that for a while. I still have 19 heads to draw *withers in fear*

Total time spent creating Jed: 25 hours.

Created in Carrara, Hexagon, and Daz Studio

Test animation:


Author: maugryph

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10 thoughts on “Farley the Unicorn Finshed Model + Lighting test and Animation

  1. Hello maugryph, Jed the Unicorn looks rather substantial and not likely to become extinct anytime soon. He’s a great dancer, too!

  2. You’re very talented. 🙂

  3. Your drawings are fantastic. Thanks for visiting and the like of my post “Clear for Travel”.

  4. I look forward to seeing further adventures of Jed-I will say he knows how to move-

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