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Fox head painting/sketch

anthro fox head doodle face 3d furry art portrait humaniod realistic characters face portrait artwork digital art

I was taking a break between drawing my 20 human heads practice  and decided to tackle painting a fox’s head.  I always thought foxes with their slit eyes look so serious and devious. As the Joker would say “Why so serious?”. It might be because they have slit eyes.

10 thoughts on “Fox head painting/sketch”

  1. Great job. You really know how to draw, its amazing what you can do, its almost like you shot that fox head with your digital camera.

    1. Thank you 😀 I use a Wacom tablet to draw in Photoshop. I sketch some thumbnails first. then after I sketch one I like then I paint over it with a round brush. Then I might blend it afterwards to remove some strong strokes.

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