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Male Head, Mustache (Value Painting)

head portrait caucasian 30s roman nose blue eyes blond black and white painting realist portrait

My fifth head value painting sketch. I use my own face as a reference this time but added a mustache and thick eyebrows. I try to keep them around a hour but I went over by one with this one.

Time Spent: About 2 hours

Painted in Photoshop
Copyright 2013 Maugryph

9 thoughts on “Male Head, Mustache (Value Painting)”

  1. If I even started to create something like this in Photoshop it would take way more than 2 hours and not even get there!! Wonderful skill!!

    1. Well thank you :D. I couldn’t draw this well a year ago. I just keep drawing and learning by watching tutorials, reading books and asking other artists questions. It just takes time. I still got a way to go 🙂

  2. @maugryph, While this is a nice piece of work with very real character — I’m reminded of the British soldiers in the Boer Wars looking at this fellow’s face — this is *not* a Roman Nose. Roman nose = Aquiline nose. ‘Aquiline’ = ‘hooked, like an eagle’.

    The classic Roman nose, like the beak of a bird of prey, curves downwards at the bridge. For a caricaturised example, google images “Julius Caesar Asterix”. Likewise “duke of wellington bust wikipedia”. This feature is most common in people of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern / Central Asian descent (I’ve met many Indian and Pakistani men and women with these handsome noses). It’s far less common in individuals of Northern European descent, whose noses tend to a straight or concave form, rather than convex.

    1. P.S. I remarked on this because when I found this on google images it was tagged “roman nose”… that could have been a mistake on the search engine’s part? As I don’t see same tags here. It’s just that I fairly frequently see people classifying non-aquiline noses as being “Roman”.

    2. That’s very interesting. Although I didn’t add any tags or categories for this post that said “roman nose”, maybe my painting itself has a tag on it, I will see. I’ve always thought aquiline nose and roman nose where two different types, thank you for clarification. Since you appear to know your stuff when it comes to the nose types, I’m curious what nose type I have, I have attached a link to my mug. Here it is: Thank you 🙂

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