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Portrait, Male, Dynamic Lighting

self portrait dynamic lighting in darkness angry

To keep things fresh, this painting I tried a more dynamic lighting.  I took a picture of myself in a dark room with my webcam with the lighting source my computer monitor on the side. I used that as the reference for this painting. I found this painting to be frustrating. First I painted it on a black canvas. I’m used to painting on a grey canvas. Second, since most of the face was in darkness, I had trouble figuring out shape placement and in my shame had to repaint or move parts around. In the photo I look calm and mysterious. In my finished painting I feel I look menacing. I’m not happy with it. Spent around 45 minutes on it before retiring the painting.

Copyright 2013 Maugryph

4 thoughts on “Portrait, Male, Dynamic Lighting”

  1. why are not you happy whit the painting?!. I think it’s really good!.
    Regarding your (menacing) expression, you are right. Could that be because of the deep of the eyes? or probably the space between the eyebrows is a little bit wrinkled… I don’t know, just my opinion 🙂

    1. Thank you very much 😀 . I’m glad you liked it. About my menacing look. It’s probably is my eyebrows,because of my bushy eyebrows, my neutral expression looks very serious. maybe I should try smiling in my next ref photo :D. Also it’s because I’m still learning to paint heads so could be my inexperience with extreme shadows. BTW, very nice gallery. I like your photos and have added you to my follow list.

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