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Self Portrait, Wearing Fedora, Behind Bright Light

self portrait maugryph male person figure with fedora

I painted my my own face today (on computer :D). It’s amazing but I never attempted  to paint a person wearing a hat. I attempted to draw a dragon wearing a hat (and yes it looked weird) but not a person. I rarely wear hats despite having three fedoras (gifts).  This time I painted over a paper texture in my attempts to make it look like a traditional pencil and watercolor sketch and then added a brown monotone. For fun I colored the eyes blue, which is my eye color.

8 thoughts on “Self Portrait, Wearing Fedora, Behind Bright Light”

  1. your comment about dragons wearing hats made my hour. i would be so open so seeing some of those dragonhat drawings. Great use of light and monochrome, incidentally. bravo!

  2. I chuckled about the dragon wearing a hat too. Like the sepia effect with the eyes blue. Your “heads” have great intensity. Also thanks for stopping @ my blog.

    1. Thank you. I took a shot with my webcam and then used it as a reference. It’s not a photo-manipuation. I painted from scratch with a wacom tablet in photoshop.

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