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Portrait of a feline soldier some time in the future

anthro cat warrior face furry ears angry in shadow with scare character oc determined expression in suit resembles gears of war but not

I was looking at some of my old paintings from around 4 years ago. I wanted to see how much I have improved. I found this old painting I did of some cat guy wearing some space armor. It was OK but rather weak, It had hardly had any shading and shadows, and the little it had was off. But I liked the character, and I thought to my self, I CAN FIX THIS! Four years later, I have redone the painting. It makes me feel good that I have improved. Sometimes as a artist you just don’t notice how far you’ve gone into you look at some of your work from the past.

This is not the portrait a day but I will be uploading it in a few minutes. I will keep with the page with the rest of my portrait paintings.

Time spent on revision about 1-2 hours
Time spent on original, no clue

Original created in Artrage 2
Revision created in Photoshop
Copyright 2013 Maugryph/D Scheppel

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