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Portrait of 15th century armor (armour)

15th century armor painting figure still life

I thought I would paint in a different app this evening. The app is called Artrage 4, and paint program that emulates natural media such as oils, markers, and watercolor. In the past I have been using old versions of the software for years on my PC and my iPad but haven’t touched artrage in about a year. .Artrage is cheaper and creates better results compared to it’s rival Corel Painter. It’s interface is also quicker and easier to read then Painter. Since I paint a lot by manually changing the transparency of the brushes in Photoshop, so I had to approach painting in Artrage differently. the nice thing about the oil brush this that it paints the color and smudges the colors below it, so it was actually it felt quicker painting in Artrage and easier to get that ‘reflected look’. I painted directly to the canvas with no prelim sketch, just to try something different. I will be painting in Artrage for my head paintings from now on, it’s refreshing change.

Technically since the armour in the reference photo was in a museum and no one was wearing it, this portrait would technically be a ‘still life’, so lets just pretend someone is in there 😀

Painted in Artrage with a Wacom tablet
Time Spent: 50 minuntes

7 thoughts on “Portrait of 15th century armor (armour)”

  1. Very, very nice. You can really get the sense of a reflective surface.

    I’ve been trying a whole bunch of different programs for digital painting, but Artrage is the one I haven’t really tried. I really like Corel Painter a number of years ago when I first tried it, but the most recent version didn’t work as well. That’s it’s by far the most expensive of the lot, if you’re not counting Photoshop.

    Recently, I’ve been using Artweaver. They have both a free version and a pay version. I’ll have to try Artrage.

    1. Sorry, I realized my reply was a little garbled. I’m sleepy and was on my way to bed when I saw your painting. I really liked it and wanted to comment. Pardon the grammar.

  2. This is good!! I draw using my iPad. I use ArtStudio and ProCreate. I find that ProCreate has the best paint engine on the iPad though ArtStudio is a lot more convenient.

  3. Very cool!!! Thanks for dropping by my blog (coffee & couch). I’m an artist too (acrylic & oil on canvas), but I’ve never tried it online. I think I’m going to have to check it out. I love your painting 🙂

    1. thank you so much :D. Artrage is a awesome program. I used to paint in gouache and watercolors but moved to to digital years ago. As long as you have a drawing tablet it is defiantly worth it.

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