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Asgaut the Viking – Concept Sketch

asgault viking hero concept art skinny red hair beart with axe just standing there

Introducing Asgaut the Viking. This is one of my experimental projects much like my daily head portraits. I want to do something that I haven’t done before, tell a short story in sequential art (comics). I’ve done comics in the past but they where either one panel gags or one page strips, but I would loose interest in them.  I’ve been working for months on very epic story that would take pages and pages to tell in words let alone frames,but it is beyond me to create at this moment due to my lack experience in posing action shots. So I am putting that project on the backburner. I just wanted to actually MAKE a comic with a simple story that will take no more then a couple dozen pages. A comic that will start and end. It will be drawn in black and white, no color.  I have written the script for each page already. Now all I need to do is draw the pages. I will start drawing them today. My goal is to get at least two pages done a week. If I can get 5-6 heads drawn a week, I should be able to get at least two pages done. Starting out small so I can actually finish something for a change :D. This painting is pretty boring but it is simply a ref for me to use when drawing the character. Later I will paint a more polished work of him doing something interesting. Added a Page

This sketch was created in Artrage and Photoshop

2 thoughts on “Asgaut the Viking – Concept Sketch”

  1. I feel your pain. Comics, if you’re doing everything, writing, drawing, etc., is a really time consuming process. I have only ever completed 6 to 12 page stories, although I get ideas for longer stories all the time. At the recommendation of someone who has recently published a comic book, I tried Manga Studio. I didn’t like the drawing capabilities of the program, but I liked some of the program that helped you organize a story.

    I was wondering if I could ask you for advice. I’ve been wanting to try 3D modeling and I was wondering if you have any suggestions regarding software, tools, etc. As it happens, my computer died on me a few days ago, and I was wondering if you have any tips along those lines since I’m researching parts right now.

    1. agree. Its going to take 3 months just to tell a 40 page story, and that is if I don’t miss a week. Manga Studio drives me crazy but has awesome halftones. Do you have a link to your comic? I would love to check it out.

      As for 3D modeling:

      Blender is free and powerful but as a very obtuse interface.However Blender is worth the time invested. If your a student and your not doing any commercial stuff, you can get 3dsmax and maya for free.

      I Love Sketchup. I design a lot of building references for my paintings using this awesome tool. It is soo easy to make a building in this program. Its mind boggling. It’s a pain to get your model into another 3d program though.

      I like Carrara’s inteface and use it often for simple modeling but It costs cash. The same company give out 2 awesome freebies called Hexagon and Daz Studio.

      Hexagon is a great little modeler, I use it often. It has strange welding tools though. It’s great for morphs. I have turned a human base mesh in Daz

      to a dragon using this program (took me 30 hours though, It might of been easier to create from scratch)

      Daz Studio is great for when you need a reference model for your project. For Example your trying to draw a figure at a extreme pose or angle, You can set up a realistic model to be in that pose and then use it as a reference when you are drawing. Its like those mannequins you can buy at the art store but better. It’s interface is horrible though. Some people make art with DAZ Studio by purchasing and using readymade stuff. I find that cheap, but to each there own I guess. There is a program called Makehuman that is similar.

      Sculptris is a side project of the people who made Zbrush. It’s a awesome sculpting tool. worth check that out.

      That’s all I can think of right now

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