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Asgaut the Viking: Page 1

asgaut the viking hero comic short story

First page of my short comic story. Originally this was going to be the second page. I did a page that was detailed about the world, but it reviled too much too soon.
Created in Photoshop.
Time Spent 2 hours.

I also setup a blog for this comic project at ““. I will be uploading the pages to both blogs. I was planing ahead a way for people that would like to read the comic beginning to end with ease.

5 thoughts on “Asgaut the Viking: Page 1”

  1. Nice!

    Quick question

    When you write “created I Photoshop” does it mean you scan your work and retouch it in Photoshop or that y created it first hand in PS? Maybe a series of explanatory step by step blog posts would be helpful.

    PS : why don’t you use Illustrator to do this?

    1. Thanks 🙂 I draw directly in photoshop using a Wacom drawing tablet. While its true I could do this in illustrator but my version is old and it would take me longer to make since I would have to mess with brazier curves and anchor points and it’s brush and pencil tools are lame. However if I had the new version with the blob brush (I don’t know it’s real name) I would use it in a heart beat

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