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Self Portrait 4-14

self portrat german america male blue eyes blond hair eagle nose

To be honest. after the last couple blunders, I was getting burned out and discouraged with my portraits. After seeing some of Mary-Q’s self portraits, It encouraged me to continue doing daily portraits. I think the secret to keep being motivated is to experiment with different techniques. I just used a solid round brush. that’s it. No smudging, no custom brushes, no preliminary drawing. It’s almost like less was more and I was able to focus better on the values. I spent about 45 minutes painting this.

Copyright 2013 Maugryph

9 thoughts on “Self Portrait 4-14”

  1. Glad to be an inspiration! We all have our ups and downs, somewhere a while ago I read a quote “When in doubt keep on painting” (something like it, dun remember who said it) but it stuck with me. So keep it up!

    1. thanks 😀
      cool quote. I looked for who said it but couldn’t find but I found some other cool quotes 😀

      That painter who has no doubts will achieve little. (Leonardo da Vinci)
      When in doubt, scribble. (Jean Wilson)
      Being true to yourself is what feeds creativity, not self-doubt and criticism. (Diane Arenberg)
      When in doubt, have a man come through the door with a gun in his hand. (Raymond Chandler)

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