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Engineer in a Box (Nope)

engineer nope.avi big neck fan art


This painting is based off a strange meme that is popular with the TF2 fandom. Engineer’s hat floats above his head then his neck grows into the hat and he responds ‘nope’. Oh internet, how you amuse me. It reminded me of a Jack in a Box. I dedicate this pic to my friend Linda who love giraffes..

The result is rather interesting, it’s flat but is also shaded at the same time, a enigma. I seen a similar style done before, but not by me, I didn’t intentionally draw this way. it just happened. I was tempted to refine it further into a completed piece but decided not to.

The problem with video games is that I usually what to draw characters in the games when I play them (but it’s so hard to draw and play the game at the same time 😀 ). However I would like to work on more landscapes and concept art and try to get some finished pieces for a new Portfolio.  Fan art is fun though in moderation.

1-2 hours


The TF2 universe is Copyright 2013 Valve.

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