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Asgaut the Viking – Page 3

Viking acton comic anime page 03 hero sapped by lighting

The third page in my comic short story. A little looser line then I usually draw. Just realized the the top three frames are not needed. It’s fun to figuring stuff out when approaching each frame. Repeated the same frame but put a different action in each frame. Gives it a movie like feel. Like my lame Onomatopoeia?

8 thoughts on “Asgaut the Viking – Page 3”

  1. Nothing like a good “ZaZazz!” I like your style!

    What do you think of the idea about Spontaneous Creativity at Michael Cravey’s site? (dulzimordash)

    I have drawn a character ‘Space Face’ which the poet Chris Irving (cpsingleton42) has brought to life, and I would love to see the adventures of Space Face animated. (I’m not so great with drawing the same character at different angles!)

    1. Thanks 😀
      Spontaneous Creativity would either be very awesome or very terrifying.

      Space Face is cool. How would you animate it? Would you make it talk?

      1. I’ve never tried animation before, so I really don’t know! I am starting out by making a really simple video clip. About a minute long. Kind of like a modified four-frame comic strip, except not a comic strip. Any ideas? Feel free to give it a go. C.p.Singleton42 has put the short ‘script’ on his blog.

        I reckon Spontaneous Creativity would be mega-Awesome!! 😉

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