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Pencil Sketches: Crocodile, Shawn the Sheep, and Cumberbatch’s Eye

Still trying to get back into the grove of drawing with a pencil, I’ve been spoiled by Photoshop and my Computer Tablet. Here is the best of the sketches today. A Lighting study of a crocodile, Shawn the Sheep ‘fan art’, and Cumberbatch’s Eye.

Cumberbatch himself admits his secret shape shifting powers  “I think my eye will open at the end of the first film, and then you’ll get the rest of me in the second.” .. what .. you mean it’s mocap?.. never mind. But  Weta could save a lot of money just by using Benedict Cumberbatch as is in the film, they wouldn’t need to design and render a dragon, Cumberbatch looks enough like one already :D. Sorry that was a bad joke, sometimes my jokes seem to drag-on.

Ok I will stop,  I just recently seen the new Star Trek movie (In Darkness) and  Cumberbatch did a excellent job as the villain. The movie was great and borrows quite a bit from the original Star Trek 2 movie but cleverly swapped things around.

7 thoughts on “Pencil Sketches: Crocodile, Shawn the Sheep, and Cumberbatch’s Eye”

  1. SHERLOCK!!! 😀

    Haven’t seen the second Star Trek yet but I want to while its in theaters.

    He makes a dislikable but lovable hero and a VERY hatable bad guy, in my opinion. He also makes a good prime minister. And he’s also doing the necromancer, so didn’t we hear like three words being spoken when we saw the flashback?

    Anyway I like your pencil drawings almost as much as your other stuff…:)

  2. Good sketches. I’m sure more practice with the pencil will have you drawing like a pro in no time.

    Re: Star Trek. I’m probably the only person on Earth that didn’t like it (well, my wife and I). But I didn’t give it the best chance because we actually missed the whole opening scene, and I’m not familiar with much of the older Star Trek at all. Think I might have to check out Wrath of Khan and revisit the new one before I can judge it properly.

    1. thanks for the enocouragement 🙂

      The new star trek borrows a bit from the the second original stark trek movie, it just twist some things around.

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