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Dragon Self Portrait 2 (sketch to digital painting experiment 2)


My second experiment to make a pencil sketch a digital painting. I was reading one of Bod Eggleton’s books and he suggested trying to draw yourself as one as exercise. Since I’m not a dragon, I cannot attest to how accurate this self portrait is šŸ˜€ I’ve tried this once before ( I was very happy to give the painting a more watercolor like aesthetic. The sketch took me twenty minutes and painting took about a hour and fifteen minutes. Painted in photoshop.

15 thoughts on “Dragon Self Portrait 2 (sketch to digital painting experiment 2)”

  1. a very dear friend of mine is going through tough times. and since she is in the UK it is really hard for me to make her feel better.
    so far with the help of some bloggers we have kept her mood, like some bloggers wrote poems for her, some bloggers from the uk sent her actual letters. since you are an awesome artist i wanted to know if you can do a cartoon or a sketch of her, a very quick one so that we can send her.

      1. Please do me a favor. please use the form on the contact page then I can respond to you via email. I would rather have a link to the photos online then a attachment. I’ve had issues in the past with bots taking my email from a comment or a page from my blog and then spamming me to death.
        Sorry for this, its the only way I can manage my email.

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