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Knights do WHAT to Dragons?


A dragon discovering that the Knight visiting the town next to his cave is not here for a picnic (maybe a bar brawl but not a picnic). It would have to be a very cold hearted knight to slay a dragon with a face like that 😀

This was rendering practice. I tried my utmost to make the surface be as smooth and three dimensional as possible.  I achieved the effect by alternating between brush strokes and smudging. I want my paintings to be professional. My past art has relayed heavily on line too much, and when I did render the painting, I felt that I was too sloppy.  Blending as I go seems to be the best solution at this time.

I know i have been painting dragons regularly for a month now. Before that I feel that I have been jumping around so much before hand that I never got practically good at any subject. Dragons are great for experimentation. So I will be  focusing on three subjects for the next 6 months. The three subjects I will be focusing on are:

Characters doing things. (Characters doing of all types doing stuff, not just standing there like zombies)

Story Illustration (I write a short story about a paragraph long and then make a painting of that scene) Bonus points if it is a epic landscape. double bonus if is a giant monster.

And I would like to continue to improve my dragons.

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