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Princess scorning a dragon (Sketch painting)

princess scorning a dragon who is hungry

It’s difficult to figure out a unique idea for such a cliched subject. I thought maybe a princess scorning a dragon for attacking a knight, like the dragon is her pet or something. this is yet another rendering test, that was supposed to take a hour but yet I spent 2 1/2 on the thing. I don’t think it was worth putting the extra time in. I didn’t plan anything, I just scribbled something out and painted it. I didn’t even use any references. I just drew it. For some reason I did a great job rendering the armor.

Painted in Photoshop : Time spentΒ  2 1/2 hours

No knights where hurt in the making of this painting.

8 thoughts on “Princess scorning a dragon (Sketch painting)”

  1. Phenomenal πŸ™‚ Do you work in the cartoon industry for a living or is this just a hobby for now ? If latter, you should really consider making it a permanent job since your cartoons really have soul, cuteness and humor behind them even without a single speech bubble πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks so much, that meant a lot. I worked many years in graphic design but I always loved to doodle and would draw really lousy comic strips. It’s been since October of last year that I have stared to take my art seriously and try to improve my fundamentals and my technique. I gotten far in 8 months but I still got some ways to go. I would love make cartoons for a living. I am going to attempt freelance in the near future and hopefully get to go to a art school.

      1. Great, never give up and keep going forward that is what I do too with web development. Everything I know about it was selfthought. What you should do while you still learn and making yourself better is just try to get a few jobs right now in freelance, no need to wait since right now you have the quality to get a few project based jobs over the internet ( try Elance, Freelancer or similar websites ) and just go out there and bid on some of them, your price can be more competitive for the first few job offers you make ( since you are still learning and you would be doing stuff for free for practise, now you can do stuff for practise but for a few bucks, still lower than what others are bidding ) and that is what your edge will be for the start before you get some real work portfolios πŸ™‚ Just an advice man, that is how I started, with competitive price before I gained some reputation πŸ™‚ All the best to you

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