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Horse Sketch + Hello everyone. I have returned.


It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded my artwork to the blog. I had to take a hiatus due to work and a vacation to California. Sorry I haven’t responded to anyone’s comments for the past 3 weeks. I will respond to them all as soon as possible. Again I apologize. I needed some time to think things out and to consider what future goals I want to consider.  I will be taking some classes both online and in class this semester. So I will be busy for the next few months. I was dissatisfied with my art and have been in a rut for the last two months. I drew a massive amounts of dragons, a creature I seem to get obsessed with drawing when I am depressed. Taking a break has help me with things I need to work on as both a person and a artist. I’ve been practicing a better foundational way to sketch and now sketch constantly (one of my past weaknesses as a artist was not keeping a sketchbook). I visit either the zoo or a food court in my town and am constantly sketching animals and people and architecture. I will not stop drawing nor stop updating this blog but I might start grouping sketches in one post together. only finished paintings will get the luxury of being in it’s own post. This means, I will publish less posts but you will still get to to see all my stuff. I might also post non art related things as well, since it is a pain to have more then one blog at a time. Also I will probably do more paintings from life and studies of other artist’s work for a while. I will still draw a dragon now and again, but I feel it’s is very important for focus on drawing animals and people from life and doing studies of other artist’s paintings. Sketching has also got me out of the house, when I was down I was trapped in my cave (seriously, I live in a underground room , I kid you not) Now I feel better. I was getting too stressed about not improving quick enough but now I will calm down and work art improving my skills. As one teacher said “It’s all about mileage”. My success will depend on how much I work on it.

I thank all my readers for your insightful comments and feedback. They have meant a lot and have helped me improve. Again, thank you so much. See you next post, and don’t hesitate to ask me anything.

take care.

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Alex Gator running in the City (Post 3d rendering test in photoshop)

gator anthro scalie running in city humaniod alligator

More 3D fun 😀

I use Carrara for my 3d modeling needs but I have a issue with the toon shader that comes with it.. its horrible. So as a test I quickly set up a city scene in Sketchup using third party models. Posed my gator running in Cararra, went into Photoshop, combined the images, and created my own Toon shading effect using multiple filters. I also tried a FOV look to the render.

For the Alex and Cruz project,I’m actually going to make my own buildings from scratch using Sketchup . Since 3D warehouse’s TOS is as clear as mud, I’m too afraid to use any of the models available there for commercial purposes.  I’m OK with using here since it’s just a simple test. Awhile back I made my own models as a ref for a oriental style cityscape I painted and it worked very well.

Tools Used: Carrara, Sketchup. Buildings from 3D Warehouse

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Man on a pegusis vs. a monsterious blob. (speed painting)

speed paint blob monster

Every day or two I will start doing landscape/story speed painting again. They teach me allot more then I like to admit, and it is one of the best ways for me to get quicker with painting and improving my compositions. The monster started like a blob with tentacle by then changed to resemble that creature in ‘Spirited Away’.. if he was a blob and and tentacles. I should of done something cooler but oh well.too late. Next speed painting. I know I still a bit rough but I am getting better. Painted in Photoshop. About 2 hours

Critiques are welcome.

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Dragon looking from behind

dragon back muscles look behind

The dragon heard the warrior approaching from behind. He doesn’t look too happy 😀

This was originally going to be the daily doodle for yesterday but It went beyond a doodle.  I just get caught up in things sometimes. I trying to let my line work do most of the work this time. I tried a experiment to render it further to making look more like a painting but it didn’t work. It failed so I wasted two hours, with frustration. So I went back to this version and finished it off.

Photoshop, 4 hours (6 hours total with my mishap)

Feedback is welcome, let me know what you think.

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Alex the Alligator 3D Model WIP

anthro  gator alligator scalie dragon human character oc 3d modeling

I try to tackle too many things at once. Here is Alex, he is a gator that has hair!!!! (there is a reason for this in the story :D) He is the co protagonist for ‘Alex and Cruz”. The tail need to be finished hand have those bumps on them that crocs and gators have. His shirt design needs to be more elaborate. And he needs his scales painted an so forth.

Since I used parts from other the other models I made, I spent about 2 hours on him.

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Alex and Cruz : Comic 01

anthro furry comic humor dragon cheetah vat of cheese

Finally . The first comic from a project I been working on and of six months on.  It is a 3d rendered comic /animation hybrid (the animation will be lacking for some time). The Cheetah is a little rough still. only the dragon is finished.  The dragon is not Alex though, the alligator is. The dragons name is Derrick. I’m actually am still working on the alligator but will start using him in test renderings as well. I brought back the unicorn from the dead, and was able turn the old dragon model into a lizard chick, so I have most of the cast ready. We need to start making sets for the characters to live in My friend is helping out on the project but so far I have done a majority of the work so far. I’m positive he will be very helpful and this will become a co-op project. But just in case he does bale out on me, I have a backup plan.. removing the cheetah character. The only elements he has helped out with so far is the design of the cheetah character and this test panel. But he sounds serious in helping me make the comics , joke ideas, the stage sets and promoting the thing so I don’t think I have anything to worry about.