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Dragon looking from behind


dragon back muscles look behind

The dragon heard the warrior approaching from behind. He doesn’t look too happy 😀

This was originally going to be the daily doodle for yesterday but It went beyond a doodle.  I just get caught up in things sometimes. I trying to let my line work do most of the work this time. I tried a experiment to render it further to making look more like a painting but it didn’t work. It failed so I wasted two hours, with frustration. So I went back to this version and finished it off.

Photoshop, 4 hours (6 hours total with my mishap)

Feedback is welcome, let me know what you think.


Author: maugryph

I'm a Artist and Cartoonist

10 thoughts on “Dragon looking from behind

  1. Love this dragon and the look on his face!
    I play with Photoshop from time to time. It swallows time whole. It feels like 10 minutes have past, when 5 hours have actually gone by….

  2. I really liked how you drew the muscles on the forelegs. Nice!:D I would love to see you try out something using more dramatic shadow!

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  5. Your art is amazing, congratulations :3

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