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Horse Sketch + Hello everyone. I have returned.


It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded my artwork to the blog. I had to take a hiatus due to work and a vacation to California. Sorry I haven’t responded to anyone’s comments for the past 3 weeks. I will respond to them all as soon as possible. Again I apologize. I needed some time to think things out and to consider what future goals I want to consider.  I will be taking some classes both online and in class this semester. So I will be busy for the next few months. I was dissatisfied with my art and have been in a rut for the last two months. I drew a massive amounts of dragons, a creature I seem to get obsessed with drawing when I am depressed. Taking a break has help me with things I need to work on as both a person and a artist. I’ve been practicing a better foundational way to sketch and now sketch constantly (one of my past weaknesses as a artist was not keeping a sketchbook). I visit either the zoo or a food court in my town and am constantly sketching animals and people and architecture. I will not stop drawing nor stop updating this blog but I might start grouping sketches in one post together. only finished paintings will get the luxury of being in it’s own post. This means, I will publish less posts but you will still get to to see all my stuff. I might also post non art related things as well, since it is a pain to have more then one blog at a time. Also I will probably do more paintings from life and studies of other artist’s work for a while. I will still draw a dragon now and again, but I feel it’s is very important for focus on drawing animals and people from life and doing studies of other artist’s paintings. Sketching has also got me out of the house, when I was down I was trapped in my cave (seriously, I live in a underground room , I kid you not) Now I feel better. I was getting too stressed about not improving quick enough but now I will calm down and work art improving my skills. As one teacher said “It’s all about mileage”. My success will depend on how much I work on it.

I thank all my readers for your insightful comments and feedback. They have meant a lot and have helped me improve. Again, thank you so much. See you next post, and don’t hesitate to ask me anything.

take care.

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