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Later Gator

later gator alligator see you later alligator

Another T-shirt design. It was originally a quick sketch but I liked it so much, that I colored the gator in Photoshop. It’s a bit more raw then my previous design as my sketch marks show though, but I like how it came out.

If you actually like the design enough to wear it, you can purchase it here:

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16 Minute Dragon Speed Painting

I been wanting to record my speed paint sessions for a long time. Finally found a way to record myself painting in photoshop. So here is my first ’15 min’ speed paint (I went over a minute :0). It it played in real time. I decided to draw something I find easy.. a dragon. I find it funny that although I draw dragons only 10% of the time ( sketch mostly animals at my local zoo and the models in my life drawing class I’m attending), It’s what I upload to the blog 90% of the time 😀 I love to draw dragons. ‘Real’ dragons such as alligators, iguanas, and monitor lizards are just as fun to draw 🙂 Snakes are also awesome to draw as well although I must admit snakes kinda creep me out. 😉 I will upload my zoo sketches soon. I just been so busy to have time to upload them:(. In fact I had this video done four days ago. It’s been chilling on youtube. I just got the time post it here. I won’t torture you with my silly ambient music this time :\

dragon speed paint how to tutorial dragon breath fire

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Wuw mee, imma DWAGON T-Shirt and Sticker Design

Dragon otherkin pardoy tshirt design

My first finished illustration in months.

I had decided to start doing T-shirts and Sticker designs for two reasons: 1. to have some new content in my design portfolio and 2. to try not to starve. Here is my first design. It has a dragon.. I’m mean a dwagon on it.  I wanted to do something rather quick and catoony but yet still use all the lighting practice I’ve been doing lately. I would like to attempt 3 designs a week if I can but that will probably be too much for me to do. Feedback is always welcome.

If your interested in buying a sticker or shirt, I am currently using RedBubble. Depending on item: Prices vary from $2 to $30. Here is the Link :

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Dragon Marker Speed Sketch with Demonstration Video

I was asked previously to show my sketching process. I decided to draw something that I draw often for practice and that is a dragon’s head. The demonstration is in real time and not sped up. I drew completely out of my imagination. The video runs for around 19-20 minutes and features some strange ambient music I created using Nodebeat. I am thinking of uploading some more demonstrations (perhaps my digital painting process if I ever can save up for FRAPS) and even some tutorials in the future.

The markers I used are : A Ultra Fine Sharpie, Sketch and Wide Copic markers W3, and a cool gray set of Spectrim Noir alcoholic markers.

Here is the finished sketch:

dragon marker demo

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My Watercolor Studies of Kekai Kotaki

As previously stated, I would start doing study paintings. A study painting is when a artist studies another artist’s painting in a attempt to understand what makes that painting work,how that artist composed the image, and even what techniques that artist used. It is the best tool for a artist to lean and is similar to a singer practicing a popular song. Currently I am focusing on Guild Wars 2 artist Kekai Kotaki, a artist I just recently discovered a month ago. What makes his art appealing to study is that all his digital paintings have a ”less is more” functionality and are very well composed.

Instead of painting it digitally like the originals, I attempted to paint them in traditional watercolor cakes. I learn ALLOT doing this. Soon I will be able to do watercolor sketches live in the field.

each painting is between 30 to 45 minutes and use color pencils in some areas that needed detail.


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My best sketches of My Tone Sketchbook (7-2013 to 8-2013)

Finished a tone sketchbook. Out of hundreds of sketches i did, I picked my favorites. I have switched to markers to build confidence in my line work and simply because I love the look.

I made this stupid rule when playing video games: every half hour I must take a break and sketch something from the game. So there is a couple sketches of McPixel. It’s a very short game. The weirdest, strangest, most demented adventure game I’ve played so far. I was very addictive and ended way too soon. Also a few drawings of dragons, strangely enough out of the 100s of sketches I did, these are the only dragon drawings I did around that period, yet they are some of the best that I’ve done. I also sketched a tree from my house and a barn from my imagination. And that horse… I need to practice drawing equines more.

Next’s weeks sketchbook drawings will be ones I did a the zoo.

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Dragon commission


I can’t believe I forgot to upload this. I designed this a couple weeks ago. This a commission for my uncle to draw their dragon mascot for a high school reunion. I took some liberties and improved and redesign elements of the dragon with their permission. Then I did a interesting pose for the dragon. They where very happy with him.

I been sketching like a madman lately. I use a ultra fine sharpie marker, a primsacolor w3 marker, and a white gel pen. I do not pencil. Speaking of markers, I didn’t realize that copic markers could be refilled, so I made a mistake going with prismacolor last time. I scoffed a paying 8 dolors for a single marker (the cost of a month of Netflix..seriously!?) but since they can refilled 13 times with just 1 container of ink, it pays off in the long run. So I will be biting the bullet and purchasing one soon. Using traditional mediums is costly but are much more satisfying. Photoshop will be my main tool but not for sketching.

I will upload a post of sketches in the future.

I forgot to mention I made this on my iPad using Procreate.

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Knots and Loose Ends (Album)

My first music project. I have been messing around with writing songs for years yet, I haven’t undertaken a musical project of songs before. I worked on the album for a month in March of this year yet was too nervous to upload it to the interwebs. Knots and Loose Ends is a collection of chilled ambient electonica music. I even attempted (with a emphasizes of attempted) to sing on a couple of them (no worries, included the non vocal versions as well.  Note, I am a amateur and a hobbyist with writing music.  Although I am not a total stranger to the craft as I was taught in school how to play trumpet and basic music theory for five years, I am certainly not a pro and don’t clam such a title. I wrote the album for fun. I have uploaded to Bandcamp, and you can listen and download it for free.  Like my art, feedback is always welcome.

I learned alot from this project, and hopefully my next music project will be better.

Album cover is also by me

Link to album