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Daily Painting No.30 (First digital still life painting)

vase still life digital

My first digital still life painting. Although a simple vase might not be to most exciting subject to look at, to me it is invaluable.  I must admit I learned more from doing this study about light then I ever have in a book or tutorial. I saw occlusion shadows, and rim lighting, light reflections on the surface, and other things that I would of never painted out of my head, but now  am aware of. It’s exciting to observe such things critically and attempt to render it.  It’s addicting to ‘carve’ form with lights and shadows. So this exercise is more enjoyable on my end. I bought my still life objects at a thrift store and spray painted them with a flat white paint. I painted this with Photoshop on a wacom tablet. I will start out with one object, then I will start doing clusters of objects when I feel I’m ready. I feel stupid for not painting digital still life images in the past, I would of progress faster as a artist  if I would of done so. I will alternate from studies to still life paintings to dragons so I don’t bore you to death.

Time spent on painting: 2 hours. Created in Photoshop. Reference is a matte vase from life.

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Daily Painting No.29 (nope) (unfinished)

nope engineer tf2

This is a gift to my friend Nate, who when I asked what he would like to have drawn, his response was “anything”. I asked him to be more specific and he responded ‘nope’. That instantaneously reminded me of the Engineer of TF2 so that’s what he gets. (I know that was bad grammar, forgive me) It’s funny. This painting was done on thanksgiving day yet I have to set the date 1 day ahead, due to the fact that I painted the first daily painting after midnight, which total messed up the numbering. I finally got my still life objects  painted  with a flat white paint and will be ready to start that tomorrow.

As I said before, my daily paintings will now be studies. I have quirks in my art that makes me unprofessional as a commercial artist that I want to tackle. I wanted to try out using layer masks when painting and I have to admit it helps a lot, it forces you to ‘stay in the lines’ . Also I found out that if you want a sharp edge, the easiest way is to create a new layer, block the form in and then use the eraser to create the edge.

My first study is that of the Engineer, the reference taken from a still form a trailer. Since I was trying something new, it took me two hours+ to paint this, granted I did set up some actions to F keys, and figure how to set up layer masks so that ate some time. Self Critique: it is so unfinished that I wont bother this time…. I forgot the highlight, although they are barely visible on the still. I just realized I forgot to paint the button on the right suspender.. LOL, I’m so lame 🙂

Have a safe and fun weekend everyone, and be careful if you do go shopping tonight as people are very crazy on thanksgiving/black Friday. A new toy is not worth anyone’s life.

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Daily Painting No.28 – Crying Dragon

sad dragon crying dragon

A dragon painting.The dragon is sad for a reason. I’ve been struggling with my paintings as of late. It doesn’t help that I painted the monstrosity of yesterday painting. And a illustration I worked hard on was declined by a art group. I ponder why I keep doing this. I just want to give up. The problem is that I cant stop drawing or painting as it has become a ingrained habit. I have been drawing off an on since I was a child.  I made the mistake years ago to stop studying to improve myself and instead do comics and toons but it never was satisfactory to me. Last year in September I decide I was going to start being a artist again, and about six months ago I started to ‘retrain’ myself as there was many things I forgot, embarrassing some foundational skills. Now I am in limbo.  I feel am not quite a Professional, I still feel like a amateur even though I have been paid for my work. There are things I need improving in yet I don’t know how to proceed. (Update: I requested a critique, so I hope it will give me clarity on what I need to work on)

50 minutes: photoshop

So for the next few months, my daily paintings will be mostly studies. Although I will toss in a dragon here and there and also continue to work on  a few illustrations, but I need to improve my skills in general. So What I am planing to do is this. the first couple weeks will be painting still life paintings  then after that I will through in a still life in once or twice a week. then I will rotate the studies between animals, portraits and landscapes. Most of this is what I been doing, just not out of my head. I will also make studies (called copies) of masters, and studies of contemporary artists to attempt to understand what makes them tick.


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Daily Painting No.27

(I have removed the painting. Just looking at it frustrated me)

This painting was a frustration. I wanted to paint a woman warrior but I decided it had to be difficult, so  I added extreme foreshortening and a angry face. I spent about 2 hours on this painting, I the first hour was just on her face. The face drove me insane. That’s why the rest of the painting is so rough. I re-sized the fist 2 times. Self Critique: the Fists need to either be blurred or had just as much detail as the face. Decided to stop adding tone to my gray scale paintings, I’ve been abusing it too much.I dislike this painting, and feedback is appreciated.

Critique update: I think if I could of put some sort of motion effect, like a motion blur on the fist, or a wind effect. It would be more effective. her face needs brightening up. It came out better then I thought it did last night. I need to make sure I don’t get stuck on just one area of the painting, work the whole painting evenly (except for the area of focus)

Photoshop: 2 Hours

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Daily Painting No.26- Self Portrait as a Dragon

dragon self portrait 2

If you ever want a challenge yourself as a artist: try to draw yourself as some animal or creature, yet still make it look somewhat like you. Bonus points if non-mammalian.  It’s mind numbing, and a bit creepy. A fellow artist told be to check out your progress, you should reexplore a piece you did in the past and recreate it. I tried a self portrait like this about a year ago I think I have improved substantially. Since I only spent about a hour and 10 minutes on this portrait. Last year’s portrait I had spent about 3-4 hours, and it looks very lame.  Does this look like me, you ask? Well.. the eyes do at least. Frankly it looks somewhat like my dragon character/mascot I been drawing forever except with my eyes. (Note: To all dragon slayers and brave knights. I’m not a dragon, plz don’t slay me. This guy on the other hand… there is a weak spot in his scale armor on his left breast FYI (thanks Bilbo))

Self critique: The left side of his face, the lighting needs fixing, his fins are too dark. The fin on his mandible blends into his neck and needs to be fixed.

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Daily Painting No.25 – Snowy Mountains

snowy mountain pic

I painted a snowy mountain scene. I had trouble balancing the painting, both compositional and light wise. after a hour and a half, I knew I needed to let go. I need to put a person, creature, or something on the slope on the lower right. Although there isn’t much, this painting a color painting, most of my previous paintings are gray scale with a tone added. Painted in photoshop. Time Spent :One and a half hour

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Daily Painting No.23 – Angry Dragon

dragon ready to spew acid onto the viewer or doom who is a furry that eats knight at del taco

Here be… another dragon ;D. It was a busy day. A dragon type of day. He doesn’t look too happy to see me. I been speeding up due to myself learning to use the lasso tool to quickly block in the masses and then painting it. I am really proud of the plated scales on his serpentine neck. If I only had another hour to finish this 😦 . Why do I paint so late at night? Self critique: the horns need clean up and refinement, the smoke coming out of the nostrils , scales on back need some highlights. Time spent on this painting 1 hour, created in photoshop.

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Daily Painting No.22 – Lame Concept Art

creature silhouette concept test

Hello everyone. Today’s painting was a experiment in silhouette sketching. I have noticed that concept artists like to draw sketches in silhouettes first then paint the form ‘in’ to the silhouette via value painting. I wanted to give it a shot. First I drew 20 silhouettes of random creatures out of my head (actually I drew thirty, I just kept erasing the first one 10 times..I’m not joking). This took strangely enough the longest time for me. I had to battle with myself to do this but then after the 15th silhouette it clicked in my head and I understood what I was supposed to do. Then I picked the best three and painted forms form the inside out. I know a concept artist out there is laughing at the crudeness of these, but maybe he/she will be kind enough to give a critique ;). for some reason I like the floating camera spider thing I made in the center. although the strange monster on the left is better rendered. Silhouette sketching is a fine skill that I might try to improve upon.

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Daily Paintings 1 to 21. Help me decide which daily painting I should finish into a completed painting.

I want to first thank all my readers for your feedback and support by liking my art. I’m currently in a art class and portfolios are due soon. The teacher asked if we could include some non classwork samples as well as the drawings we did in class. I would like to finish one of my daily paintings. So far I have done 21 of them. I would love your input of which painting you like and think would make a great finish piece. If you have a moment, let me know. I gave each painting a number. Let me know which number and why. Again thank you 🙂