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Daily Painting No.1 – Dragon attacks knight

dragon ready to devour

It’s been some time since I have updated my blog. I been so busy juggling work, going out of town, my art classes, and health issues with a member of my family. Granted I haven’t felt like updating much. However, I have been training intensely, trying to improve my skills. I am now a chronic sketcher, filling sketchbooks with abandon. I also been experimenting with traditional art media, such as watercolors, and india ink. However besides some studies, I haven’t really painted anything as of late besides a illustration that that has been driving me crazy for the last month. . I feel my drawing skills are at a descent enough foundation to start painting again. Because it IS important for me to paint on a regular basis, I have decided to start a ‘daily painting’. One painting everyday, of any subject or idea that I would find beneficial. I allocate about a hour for each painting. I will then upload the image to this blog and perform a self critique (If I have time to critique). Feel free to add any input if you wish. I attempted to do this a few times before but I failed because I made my criteria too strict and couldn’t think of anything. But now it could be anything to something out of my mind’s eye to a study of a master. It gives me more options and less excuses. my goal is a painting a day for a year.

For my first painting I imagined a dynamic scene with a dragon attacking a person. Drawing dragons is somewhat in my comfort zone. I will be more brave and branch out in the future. What I like of this painting is my use of chiaroscuro and the actual composition. I’m beginning to get a hold on my light rendering skills. The shadows need more work. I ran out of time to finish rendering the human and the dragon’s teeth. The stalagmites might be too distracting from the composition. When I drew the sketch I used a brite white line and then mistakenly painted on top of it instead of using a separate later , later I wasted time painting over them over and over to get rid of them. The human’s head might be too big. The cavern floor could definitely use some texture.

Medium: Adobe Photoshop

Time spent: 50 Minutes

Theme: Fantasy / Dragons

Daily Painting # 1

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