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Daily Painting No.2 -Man Hiding from Monster

monster hunting a person

I envisioned a man hiding from a monster in a corner. I been trying to build my compositions in masses instead of objects, a imitable effort at this time for me. I enjoy playing with light. I almost fell Like I am ‘sculpting’ the image when I paint this way. the monster could be pushed more. I think I might of over did the lighting on it’s forelimb. I was having some difficult separating the back ground from the foreground. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Update: I screwed up so badly on this image. The perspective is totally jacked. I should of used one point perspective with the monster in the tunnel. then where the human is would simply look like a entrance or alcove

Time spent: 55 minutes. Painted in Photoshop.

Daily Painting # 2

2 thoughts on “Daily Painting No.2 -Man Hiding from Monster”

  1. Hey- good luck with the painting a day project! Doing a photo a day project myself, so I understand some of the challenges with sticking with it (although mine takes much less time than the hour you need!)
    The drawing is gorgeous, I envy your talent. The one thing that throws me slightly is that I feel the man against the wall lacks perspective, he just seems to be floating out in space (yay foreshortening and all that fun-ness). I think the light on the foreleg is okay. Wish I was a quarter good as you are.

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