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Daily Painting No.3 – Dragon rider

woman in a mask riding a dragon

After the stinker of a daily painting I did yesterday. I really need to redeem myself a bit. The archetype  of a dragon rider is common in fantasy art. It is a subject I haven’t tackled yet. Frankly off and on for a week I’ve attempted to draw it in a interesting pose. since you have to ride a dragon closer to it’s neck, it was as interesting challenge for me to place the rider in the correct position. I couldn’t use a horse rider for ref. Here is my second attempt at painting the subject. (The first will not be shown to protect your eyeballs from its utter hideousness). Since I only have a hour or so to spare on these every day, I try to get the focal points finished at least. However in this painting they are still a bit rough. I like this composition. I might in the future spare another hour and attempt to finish it.  As for my self critique, I do like the composition, it has a lot of potential even if its a little cliche. I wanted to make the dragon’s frame big and intimidating like a rhino but in the end I felt like I made it look fat. The wing to the right is not in the correct position. I need to work on the structures of the wings more. the mask looks too blah and needs some spicing up or removed to draw the actual face. I think a curved horn on the back of the dragon’s mandible would add to the painting. I used fog to stop the front leg from competing with the face but It might be too effective. Any other observations is appreciated.

Painted in Photoshop. Time spent 1 hour and 10 minutes

Daily Painting # 3

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