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Daily Painting No.13 (Dragon guarding his territory on top of a cliff face)

dragon siting on a cliff looking hungry ready to spew file

It felt like a day to paint a dragon. I thought I would paint a dragon that is somewhat agitated, guarding his territory. Very pleased how well it came out.  There is still hope for me yet :D. Self critique: I didn’t have time to draw the leg so I hid it in shadow, it’s either lazy or ingenious, I can’t decide which. The jaw (mandible)  and hand needs refining. There might be more light from the dragon’s mouth bouncing off the rock and the dragon itself. should I have drawing the other hand? The background is very effective and didn’t take much time at all to make. I would of liked to blend the dragon more and get rid of some of the stronger lines and add some cooler scale patterns.

P.s This is also how I look in the morning until I have my coffee. Coffee is truly the anti-dragon! Who need’s knights?!

8 thoughts on “Daily Painting No.13 (Dragon guarding his territory on top of a cliff face)”

  1. You must be terrifying in the morning!
    Great picture. He looks a little like a Skyrim dragon. Maybe then he only has two legs?

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