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Daily Painting No.15 -Dragon

firey dragon angry

Another dragon. I was originally going to do another portrait study but my dad slipped off his motorcycle and rammed into the concrete. It was urgent to take him to the hospital. He is doing fine,  although hes a bit bruised. No broken bones, thank god. Long story short, I doodled this to distract myself while I was at the hospital. When I got home I did a quick paint job on it in Photoshop. I spent about 10 minutes sketching and 30 minutes painting. Self critique: Painting entirely over the sketch lines would be nice.

I’m currently watching the animated version of the “Return of the King”… it’s freaking terrible. The orcs singing “when there is a whip, there is a way!” and Samwise’s delusional power fantasy is enough to make you question the maker’s sanity. Where the heck is Gimli and Legolas? Why is Gollum a humanoid fish man?

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