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Daily Painting No.22 – Lame Concept Art

creature silhouette concept test

Hello everyone. Today’s painting was a experiment in silhouette sketching. I have noticed that concept artists like to draw sketches in silhouettes first then paint the form ‘in’ to the silhouette via value painting. I wanted to give it a shot. First I drew 20 silhouettes of random creatures out of my head (actually I drew thirty, I just kept erasing the first one 10 times..I’m not joking). This took strangely enough the longest time for me. I had to battle with myself to do this but then after the 15th silhouette it clicked in my head and I understood what I was supposed to do. Then I picked the best three and painted forms form the inside out. I know a concept artist out there is laughing at the crudeness of these, but maybe he/she will be kind enough to give a critique ;). for some reason I like the floating camera spider thing I made in the center. although the strange monster on the left is better rendered. Silhouette sketching is a fine skill that I might try to improve upon.

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