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Daily Painting No.27

(I have removed the painting. Just looking at it frustrated me)

This painting was a frustration. I wanted to paint a woman warrior but I decided it had to be difficult, so  I added extreme foreshortening and a angry face. I spent about 2 hours on this painting, I the first hour was just on her face. The face drove me insane. That’s why the rest of the painting is so rough. I re-sized the fist 2 times. Self Critique: the Fists need to either be blurred or had just as much detail as the face. Decided to stop adding tone to my gray scale paintings, I’ve been abusing it too much.I dislike this painting, and feedback is appreciated.

Critique update: I think if I could of put some sort of motion effect, like a motion blur on the fist, or a wind effect. It would be more effective. her face needs brightening up. It came out better then I thought it did last night. I need to make sure I don’t get stuck on just one area of the painting, work the whole painting evenly (except for the area of focus)

Photoshop: 2 Hours

2 thoughts on “Daily Painting No.27”

  1. I know nothing about artwork–I like the face–the very visible and prominent appearance of her teeth make me think of a warrior. That view is disquieting. Her fist is the central point of the piece and suggests power and action. I like it.

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