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Daily Painting No.28 – Crying Dragon

sad dragon crying dragon

A dragon painting.The dragon is sad for a reason. I’ve been struggling with my paintings as of late. It doesn’t help that I painted the monstrosity of yesterday painting. And a illustration I worked hard on was declined by a art group. I ponder why I keep doing this. I just want to give up. The problem is that I cant stop drawing or painting as it has become a ingrained habit. I have been drawing off an on since I was a child.  I made the mistake years ago to stop studying to improve myself and instead do comics and toons but it never was satisfactory to me. Last year in September I decide I was going to start being a artist again, and about six months ago I started to ‘retrain’ myself as there was many things I forgot, embarrassing some foundational skills. Now I am in limbo.  I feel am not quite a Professional, I still feel like a amateur even though I have been paid for my work. There are things I need improving in yet I don’t know how to proceed. (Update: I requested a critique, so I hope it will give me clarity on what I need to work on)

50 minutes: photoshop

So for the next few months, my daily paintings will be mostly studies. Although I will toss in a dragon here and there and also continue to work on  a few illustrations, but I need to improve my skills in general. So What I am planing to do is this. the first couple weeks will be painting still life paintings  then after that I will through in a still life in once or twice a week. then I will rotate the studies between animals, portraits and landscapes. Most of this is what I been doing, just not out of my head. I will also make studies (called copies) of masters, and studies of contemporary artists to attempt to understand what makes them tick.


2 thoughts on “Daily Painting No.28 – Crying Dragon”

  1. Hi!
    I`m from non english-spoken country, so soory for my english.

    I think, not everybody can undestand the meanings and beauty of your pictures, so… DON`T give up! I think, you will find the community (i mean group of people) that will give your a good work ana a recognition of your talant. It`s the matter of time…

    By the way… Your dragons looks NICE. I like it 🙂 Please, create more 🙂

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you very much for your encouragement. I wont give up, I just got a little discouraged. It was a commercial art group, so after they declined my piece I asked for a critique so I know what I need to work on, they where very friendly so far. I do enjoy to paint digitally. Don’t worry I will be drawing more dragons, as strange as it sounds, that’s what I draw to relax.

      Again, thank you for your kind words.

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