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Daily Painting No.29 (nope) (unfinished)

nope engineer tf2

This is a gift to my friend Nate, who when I asked what he would like to have drawn, his response was “anything”. I asked him to be more specific and he responded ‘nope’. That instantaneously reminded me of the Engineer of TF2 so that’s what he gets. (I know that was bad grammar, forgive me) It’s funny. This painting was done on thanksgiving day yet I have to set the date 1 day ahead, due to the fact that I painted the first daily painting after midnight, which total messed up the numbering. I finally got my still life objects  painted  with a flat white paint and will be ready to start that tomorrow.

As I said before, my daily paintings will now be studies. I have quirks in my art that makes me unprofessional as a commercial artist that I want to tackle. I wanted to try out using layer masks when painting and I have to admit it helps a lot, it forces you to ‘stay in the lines’ . Also I found out that if you want a sharp edge, the easiest way is to create a new layer, block the form in and then use the eraser to create the edge.

My first study is that of the Engineer, the reference taken from a still form a trailer. Since I was trying something new, it took me two hours+ to paint this, granted I did set up some actions to F keys, and figure how to set up layer masks so that ate some time. Self Critique: it is so unfinished that I wont bother this time…. I forgot the highlight, although they are barely visible on the still. I just realized I forgot to paint the button on the right suspender.. LOL, I’m so lame 🙂

Have a safe and fun weekend everyone, and be careful if you do go shopping tonight as people are very crazy on thanksgiving/black Friday. A new toy is not worth anyone’s life.

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