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Daily Painting No.21 – Enchanting Forest

Dark forest with light exit escape the dark trees of doom

I wanted to paint a landscape forest scene out of my head. Again I attempted the back to front method of painting. I jumped in without doing thumbnails first,it could of ended with disaster, but I did ok.  The idea of the painting is that your in a dark forest but you can see the ‘exit’, the light, the way out to safety.  the furna in my design similar to the ones in the forest I live by. Unfortunately I ran out of time, and was unable to add characters. I’m too happy with it at the moment, I will self critique it the next day, when I will be able to see all the mistakes.

I spent about a hour and 45 minutes on this painting. Painted in Photoshop with a wacom tablet. Any feedback is appreciated.

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Daily Painting No.20 – Cave Monster atacking fisherman


For this painting. It was originally going to be a swamp scene but when I started painting it, the painting transform in that of a cave  I wanted to try a long angle shot. I liked the painting until I added the monster. While I am happy with the cave walls on the left and the monsters face, the rest feels too busy to me for some reason. Let me know what you think. painted in 1 hour, photoshop.

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Daily Painting No.19 – Dragon Creeping up on a Battlemage

battlemage searching for a dragon behind him

Update: Added more atmosphere, made the monster in the back larger. Fixed the back leg. Self Critique: the monster needs more work, not sure ff the lighting is %100 correct everywhere on the armor.

With this painting I discovered a uncanny. Painting and smudging at the same time works well with armor and cloth. It’s too late to self critique. I write one tomorrow Painted in Photoshop. Time spent: 50 minutes. + 15 for some fixes

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Daily Painting No.17 – Portrait


I wanted to try a new technique of digital painting. A method of cleaner brush strokes. It took me a while to get used to it, that’s why I didn’t get as much done. The last thirty minutes I was starting to get the hang of it.. The teeth and the hair are unfinished as well as the wrinkles around his eye. It’s very unfinished. The reference I used was some random person on Wikimedia commons. He was apparently once the prime minister of Norway, a person I am ignorant of knowing anything about him.  only the soft round, eyedropper and eraser where used.

I painted this in Photoshop with a wacom tablet. Time Spent 1 hr

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Daily Painting No.16 – Iguana Sketch

iguana dark art

I did a painting of this iguana out of my mind, while watching the Lotr with my dad ( To my surprise he had never seen it) I started painting the little critter on my iPad but then gott irritated so after the movie was over I finished the shadows in Photoshop. I have no clue how long I spent on him, since I was watching the movie on and off. Self Critique: need to fix the bounce light in the shadows and lighten some areas of the cast shadows since they darker then the core shadow. the area around his eye got mess up somehow. Any feedback is appreciated.

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Daily Painting No.15 -Dragon

firey dragon angry

Another dragon. I was originally going to do another portrait study but my dad slipped off his motorcycle and rammed into the concrete. It was urgent to take him to the hospital. He is doing fine,  although hes a bit bruised. No broken bones, thank god. Long story short, I doodled this to distract myself while I was at the hospital. When I got home I did a quick paint job on it in Photoshop. I spent about 10 minutes sketching and 30 minutes painting. Self critique: Painting entirely over the sketch lines would be nice.

I’m currently watching the animated version of the “Return of the King”… it’s freaking terrible. The orcs singing “when there is a whip, there is a way!” and Samwise’s delusional power fantasy is enough to make you question the maker’s sanity. Where the heck is Gimli and Legolas? Why is Gollum a humanoid fish man?

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Daily Painting No.14 (Gandalf the Grey)

gandalf gandorf ian mckellen film study artwork painting

I have been wanting to paint Gandalf (played by Ian McKelley, who appears to have no problem showing his underwear on stage) since I watched the Hobbit last week. One of my more challenging paintings so far. Due to the fact it its a well known actor so I have to get his likeness down to near precision.And also because I had chosen a ref with BACK LIGHTING! I reworked the nose and eyebrows over and over again, I was having issues with the nose proportions.. The reference was a still in the Lord of the Rings movie “Fellowship of The Ring’ (I paused the movie when I saw a interesting pose then when looking at the tv screen, I painted it on my computer).

Update: self critique: The eyebrows are still too dark and need to be lighted up (tried to fix it). the left side  of his face needs a bit more light. Any feedback is appreciated

Painted in Photoshop. Time Taken 1 hour and 30 minutes

Speaking of the Hobbit. Although the the movie in my opinion was very  enjoyable, it was obviously stretched out causing the the film to slow down to a crawl in places. This Two hour and forty five minute movie could of easily been cut down to about a hour and a half. Added content like Radagast’s epic adventures, and the dwarves’ battle with the giant golmes in the misty mountains feels tacked on.  Truthfully the entire book could of been done in ONE three hour movie ( I read the book, it is short and sweet at a brisk 300 pages). It’s like Peter Jackson wanted to relive his glory LOTR days. Ian McKellen and Martin Freeman’s performances alone make it worth watching.

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Daily Painting No.13 (Dragon guarding his territory on top of a cliff face)

dragon siting on a cliff looking hungry ready to spew file

It felt like a day to paint a dragon. I thought I would paint a dragon that is somewhat agitated, guarding his territory. Very pleased how well it came out.  There is still hope for me yet :D. Self critique: I didn’t have time to draw the leg so I hid it in shadow, it’s either lazy or ingenious, I can’t decide which. The jaw (mandible)  and hand needs refining. There might be more light from the dragon’s mouth bouncing off the rock and the dragon itself. should I have drawing the other hand? The background is very effective and didn’t take much time at all to make. I would of liked to blend the dragon more and get rid of some of the stronger lines and add some cooler scale patterns.

P.s This is also how I look in the morning until I have my coffee. Coffee is truly the anti-dragon! Who need’s knights?!

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Daily Painting No.12 -monster

giant spike monster

For some reason I wanted to paint a giant monster with huge hind legs… and in water. Self critique: I should define the spike like shapes better. the person needs refining as well. does the monster look like it’s standing in water? I shifted stuff around a lot, it don’t know it that’s a good thing or bad thing. feel free to comment.

Painted in Photoshop. 1 1/2 hours.