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Daily Painting No.23 – Angry Dragon

dragon ready to spew acid onto the viewer or doom who is a furry that eats knight at del taco

Here be… another dragon ;D. It was a busy day. A dragon type of day. He doesn’t look too happy to see me. I been speeding up due to myself learning to use the lasso tool to quickly block in the masses and then painting it. I am really proud of the plated scales on his serpentine neck. If I only had another hour to finish this 😦 . Why do I paint so late at night? Self critique: the horns need clean up and refinement, the smoke coming out of the nostrils , scales on back need some highlights. Time spent on this painting 1 hour, created in photoshop.

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Daily Painting No.22 – Lame Concept Art

creature silhouette concept test

Hello everyone. Today’s painting was a experiment in silhouette sketching. I have noticed that concept artists like to draw sketches in silhouettes first then paint the form ‘in’ to the silhouette via value painting. I wanted to give it a shot. First I drew 20 silhouettes of random creatures out of my head (actually I drew thirty, I just kept erasing the first one 10 times..I’m not joking). This took strangely enough the longest time for me. I had to battle with myself to do this but then after the 15th silhouette it clicked in my head and I understood what I was supposed to do. Then I picked the best three and painted forms form the inside out. I know a concept artist out there is laughing at the crudeness of these, but maybe he/she will be kind enough to give a critique ;). for some reason I like the floating camera spider thing I made in the center. although the strange monster on the left is better rendered. Silhouette sketching is a fine skill that I might try to improve upon.

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Daily Paintings 1 to 21. Help me decide which daily painting I should finish into a completed painting.

I want to first thank all my readers for your feedback and support by liking my art. I’m currently in a art class and portfolios are due soon. The teacher asked if we could include some non classwork samples as well as the drawings we did in class. I would like to finish one of my daily paintings. So far I have done 21 of them. I would love your input of which painting you like and think would make a great finish piece. If you have a moment, let me know. I gave each painting a number. Let me know which number and why. Again thank you 🙂

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Daily Painting No.21 – Enchanting Forest

Dark forest with light exit escape the dark trees of doom

I wanted to paint a landscape forest scene out of my head. Again I attempted the back to front method of painting. I jumped in without doing thumbnails first,it could of ended with disaster, but I did ok.  The idea of the painting is that your in a dark forest but you can see the ‘exit’, the light, the way out to safety.  the furna in my design similar to the ones in the forest I live by. Unfortunately I ran out of time, and was unable to add characters. I’m too happy with it at the moment, I will self critique it the next day, when I will be able to see all the mistakes.

I spent about a hour and 45 minutes on this painting. Painted in Photoshop with a wacom tablet. Any feedback is appreciated.

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Daily Painting No.20 – Cave Monster atacking fisherman


For this painting. It was originally going to be a swamp scene but when I started painting it, the painting transform in that of a cave  I wanted to try a long angle shot. I liked the painting until I added the monster. While I am happy with the cave walls on the left and the monsters face, the rest feels too busy to me for some reason. Let me know what you think. painted in 1 hour, photoshop.

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Daily Painting No.19 – Dragon Creeping up on a Battlemage

battlemage searching for a dragon behind him

Update: Added more atmosphere, made the monster in the back larger. Fixed the back leg. Self Critique: the monster needs more work, not sure ff the lighting is %100 correct everywhere on the armor.

With this painting I discovered a uncanny. Painting and smudging at the same time works well with armor and cloth. It’s too late to self critique. I write one tomorrow Painted in Photoshop. Time spent: 50 minutes. + 15 for some fixes