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Glitch Art Experiment

dragon glitch art experiment

This is not the dragon painting I talked about in my previous post. It is actually my avatar I use for my blog and other social networking sites. I decided to mess it up and have fun with it. This was a experiment to attempt the look of glitch art. What is glitch art? It is a technique in which you take a image and intentionally corrupt it, causing the picture to ‘glitch’. The look is similar to that of a nes game that looses connectivity to the pins and starts shooting out random stuff on the screen. Before  you had to do this manually by modifying the hex values in the image.  I attempted to make my avatar painting ‘look’ like a glitch painting by stacking up a ton of layers and without doing that hex editing stuff, yet still make it readable (allot of glitch art isn’). So I guess it isn’t TRUE glitch art. What do you think?

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