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Daily Painting No.33 – Still Life 3

jar space capsule

Another still life, another lack of dollars. I found this hexagon shaped jar at a thrift store. Standing upright it looks like just a normal jar. but when I set it on it’s side, it reminds me of a space pod. This painting needs a little refinement but since I am ready to pass out on the floor due to tiredness, I though it would be wise to call it a night. If your a artist, please give me a critique.

2 thoughts on “Daily Painting No.33 – Still Life 3”

  1. Wish I had the knowledge to criticise or give advice. I feel it could be a bit sharper in lines, because it looks a bit clay-like now, but what do i know!
    Good morning from an owl.

    1. Thank you for you critique. I was kind of stuck in the edges of the jar, because the edges where embossed. I agree with you, i need to refine them more.

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