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Daily Painting No.38 Elephant and Bowl

elephant still life bowl digital paint

Time for more still life practice. I found this cheap $1 elephant children’s toy at a dollar store. I set it on top of my bowl and the rest is history. Feel free to comment or critique me. Self critique: I spent most of the time on the elephant and it is much more defined then the bowl. I am very pleased with the elephant. some artifacts left from erasing need to be removed. Bowl needs more refinement. Time spent 1 hour 45 minutes. Painted in photoshop.

Painting #38

6 thoughts on “Daily Painting No.38 Elephant and Bowl”

  1. Very nice work! So when you say it was painted in Photoshop, does that mean that you started with a photograph, or from a blank canvas? Just curious, as I’ve heard the reference often, but am not sure I understand the work flow.

    1. Hello BigSkyKen 🙂
      I paint on a blank canvas. I setup my still life and do my best to paint what I see in Photoshop. the still life is my reference image. I guide myself by using a sighting stick. I”m very against tracing and grids because doing such things would teach me nothing. I use a drawing device called a wacom tablet, that lets me draw on the computer like I would on a piece of paper. (except you look at the screen instead of the tablet which was awkward at first)

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