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Daily Painting No.40 (Gryphon Pet WIP) (Alexis)

gryphon concept art v1 wip digital painting

Concept art for Alexis’ pet gryphon. He is a loyal guardian to Alexis. It’s is a rather small gryphon (a microgryph is what I will be calling it, a rare pet in Alexis’ world), about the 1/3 of the size of a human being. But don’t let his small size fool you. Anyone that messes with Alexis will get seriously messed up. There is a small sub-plot about how the gryphon came under her care and what the gryphon was once before. Critique, Repaint the Talons, mix and blend the painting to make it less rough. Feel free to critique or comment about my painting. Painted in Photoshop; Time spent 3 hours so far.

8 thoughts on “Daily Painting No.40 (Gryphon Pet WIP) (Alexis)”

    1. Thank you very much :). As for the cat idea. Do you mean the gryphon acting like a cat? or me designing a cat character?
      Alexis’ gryphon would be much more cat like then eagle like in the story but intelligent. He wouldn’t talk or anything like that. I debating if in the story the gryphon thoughts will be shown or not.

    1. wow. Thank you so much :D. That’s very encouraging for you to say that. I hope someday I can paint like my heroes. I’m very confident if I keep it up, painting constantly like I have been, I will get there sooner than I think. Painting Still life has accelerated my skills.

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