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Daily Painting No.41 – Copy of Fierce Dragon Rider – the dragon’s head – Part 1

dragon head study

Something I’ve been needing to improve in my paintings is refinement and clean up. That is usually the advice I get from other digital artist’s critiques.  While wasting my time on the net I found this totally awesome wallpaper of a dragon rider. The marksmanship is exquisite in this painting. I thought that if there is any digital artist’s painting that can teach me about refinement, this one will. I decided to do 2 separate copies of it, the rider in a robe /armor, and his dragon companion. Every other day will will be working on this copy . I only had a hour to work on it thus I didn’t get too far. I will try to get farther on Thursday. Looks like I will need to move the jaw up a bit. I’m still up in the air if I’m going to attempt color.

The portion of the original painting I’m studying on the left,  my copy of the painting on the right.

dragon study

BTW. if you know the actual artist’s name who painted this, please tell me. the artwork was obviously cropped to make a wallpaper and most likely lost the artist’s name in the process. Why do people do such stupid things?

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