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Daily Painting No.45 – Smaug-Like Dragon + Hobbit: DOS mini review

smaug like dragon hobbit film peter jackson benidict cumberbach

OK. after watching the second hobbit movie, I really wanted to draw Smaug. I like to draw dragons: I.. Bet.. you.. could.. never.. tell.. that 🙂 I to my surprise I couldn’t find any screenshot or promotional images of Cumberbatch’s alter-ego, with the exception of part of his snout in a trailer. So I did my best to paint what I remembered. It’s probably very inaccurate, but that’s all I can remember at this moment. That’s why I labeled it smaug-like. Critique or comment if you would like to.

It took a hour and ten minutes to get this far in the painting.

On to the mini-review *has minor spoilers*

I must admit I enjoyed the second film far more then the first movie. It was a faster pace. In fact, being almost 3 hours, it felt like it just blitzed by. The Hobbit introduced interesting characters that are not in the book but make the movie far more enjoyable. It also develops the character ‘Bard’ who appears to me as Peter Jackson’s answer to Aragon. Peter upped the fighting scenes to 11, sometimes to the point of pure silliness, such as Legolas playing ‘Frogger’ with the dwarves in the wine barrel river raft scene. Like in the LOTR movies, Legolas is always in ‘god mode’ throughout the movie which caused me to roll my eyes many times. As I mentioned the film deviates far from the book, this is Peter Jackson at his most indulgent.

The VFX are incredibly well done, especially the spider scene, and the battle with Smaug, which takes a good 20-30 minutes in itself. Although Smaug is probably the best 3d rendered dragon I have seen in a film, his design is surprisingly generic, and follows the ‘wyvren’ style dragon that is so popular of late. He looks like he belongs in the world of Skyrim rather then middle earth. My only major complaint is the ‘cliffhanger’ ending. The movie concludes at the most awkward moment. It’s ‘Matrix Reloaded’ style bad. It’s truly feel’s like a cash grab ending. I would still recommend seeing it just to watch the interaction between Smaug and Bilbo. Oh.. and the bird-poop wizard Ratagast is in the film for no apparent reason.  I am still not convinced that a 300 page book needed three films filled with filler (say that three times as fast :D). Why Peter? Why?

2.99987 out of 4 arkenstones

Update: cleaned up and added some stuff I forgot to mention in the review.

25 thoughts on “Daily Painting No.45 – Smaug-Like Dragon + Hobbit: DOS mini review”

  1. I really like the almost messy style you used on this, and the way it highlights the detail in the foreground but doesn’t leave the background looking flat and plain. Very cool 😀

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 About putting the neck in the background, I did it because I didn’t remember what the back of smaug’s neck looked like… (and not having to paint it was a added bonus) 🙂

  2. Until yesterday when I saw him in August: Osage County, I had no idea who Cumberbatch was or what he looked like. I have yet to see this installation of the Hobbit, but I must say you have resembled Cumberbatch and his unique features quite well in this painting. Well done!

    I used to draw dragons all the time, but never to this calibre. Love it.

  3. I love dragons, you draw dragons!! That is awesome!! Have you read Anne McCaffery’s Dragon Riders of Pern books? You might like her dragons.

    1. Thank yo so much :). I hate to admit this but I haven’t yet read the dragon riders of pern series yet. I;ve always wanted to but my work and college classes left me very little time to do so.

      1. Yep, I remember college!! I remember having so much required reading that after I graduated I didn’t even pick up stuff I wanted to read for awhile…freedom from papers and words for a bit. Perhaps you’ll get around to Dragon Riders at some point and I think you’ll probably enjoy the stories!! You are working hard at what you are doing and it is important to hone skills for what you want to do in life.

  4. I`m from Russia, so forgive my mistakes…

    Smaug looks like a living creature (or a person/man/). This drawing is more, than smaug sketchy portrait from the movie. This portrait is painted with a living creature, i beleive in it 🙂

    Very good job! I’m afraid he will bite me from the screen 🙂 Very expressive eyes!

    What about “DragonHeart” film? Can you draw Draco?

    Thank you for your work!

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