2 thoughts on “12-15-2013–smaug-like-dragon-v2-cripped”

  1. maugryph, my name is michel moreau, I looking for a tattoo dragon because I got a tiger tattoo on the right arm. Now I’m looking for a dragon for the left arm for balance as yin and yong and my friends suggested me maugryph, I was on your site and when I saw your work, I said ”wow” _ ”my god”, they are perfect .. but which one to choose? and then I saw this marvel.

    I wanted to ask you, out of respect for your copyright, if I could do tattouer, it would be a honor.
    thank you

    1. That’s fine. You can tattoo my design of smaug the dragon on your arm. I have two requirements if you do use it. You send me a photo of the finished tattoo. and you and the tatoo artist give me credit for the original design and include a link to my original painting if you guys post it on a website such as facebook.

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