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Daily Painting No.46 – Study/Copy of Fierce Dragon Rider Dragon Eternity Concept art – the dragon’s head – Finale

fierce dragon rider art study copy dragon

My study of this dragon is done for now. I will be drawing some non dragon things this week, as I over did it with the dragons last week. I learned a ton doing this study/copy. I have a much better understanding on how to paint details, refine, and clean up. these are the observations I made painting this study.

1. the artist uses almost exclusively a round brush for his/her detail work. He’s favorite technique is to set the base mass color and crosshatch with a transparent brush of a similar hue.

2. the artist also blends with the smudge tool, but rarely, most of the smudging was on the neck of the dragon. His preferred method of mixing colors is crosshatching as mention earlier.

3. when adding details, it is best to work the painting as a whole and not get stuck in on area for too long.

4. It appears that the artist used defused lighting. It appears that it is coming a little behind the top right side of the painting, yet there is a sunset behind the dragon!?. there also some blue bounce light coming from below.

5. Working in a larger file size, will give you the ability to generate cleaner lines.

6. Always erase sloppy lines. Works best with a small eraser round brush.

I spend a little over three hours on this study. Painting from scratch in photoshop.

The left is the original artist painting, to the right is the study that I painted. Please feel free to critique and comment.

UPDATE: I FINALLY FOUND THE SOURCE of my study! The image i made a study from is concept art from a game called DRAGON ETERNITY! Thank god. It was driving be batty for months.


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