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Daily Painting No.49 – Jar of Wyrm – 2nd Pass (Updated)

dragon wyrm can of worm can of wyrms

Update to Painting : I didn’t like how the arm’s where stretched out in the past version (that would be so uncomfortable to have his arm’s stretched out like that). I changed it to having them inside the jar for now. I plan on having one hand holding on to the jar and a the other waving. I was too heavy on the sand texture, but it wont matter since i have to paint over the jar with a super small brush anyway, so the texture on the jar will be manually removed. I need to make the sand have sparkles and improve that sand accumulation of the jar on the base. I already started refining the dragon’s face and scales making them more clean and interesting. I spent a extra hour so far. At this rate of speed I will probability take me 3-4 more hours to finish this painting.

This wyrm is a 100% genuine :). This painting is almost there. Just a little more refinement and should be able to call this one finished. Painted from scratch in Photoshop using a wacom tablet. Total time spent so far 3 1/2 hours. Not entirely happy with it. I think I will make the label look more torn and adjust some values with the arms. Feel free to critique or comment.

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