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Daily Painting No.59 – Allosaurus In Jar (part 3, almost finished)

dino fantasy allosaurus in jar painting wip in jar art fun artist dino

I nearing completion of this painting. The dirt around the allosaurus was surprisingly fun to render, even though is a good chunk of the time for today.There are some rough spots that need to be cleaned up. This is going to one of my portfolio pieces. After this , I will return to working on my wyrm painting and my 3d model of dean. Any comments and feedback is welcome. Painted from scratch in photoshop using a graphics tablet. 3+ hours spent so far.

7 thoughts on “Daily Painting No.59 – Allosaurus In Jar (part 3, almost finished)”

    1. do you mean different jarred dinosaurs or the painting I’m currently working on? I been spending about a hour a day on it, that all I’ve been able to afford at the moment. each version I’ve uploaded has more detail added and the sloppy bits cleaned up. I was hoping to finish it today but it didn’t happen. I will finish tomorrow, and that will be the final time I upload this image.

      1. Thank you 🙂 I am glad you liked it. I have a few more dino models I would like to incorporate into my still life paintings 🙂

    2. About doing a series of dinosaurs in jars, I probably won’t at this moment. I have some cool ideas for future still life painting that I would like to paint. It was a enjoyable challenge to paint something in a jar with all it’s strange reflections and such. 🙂

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