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Daily Painting No.88 – Dragon Bust WIP2

dragon portrait bad ass bust dragons mad dragon self portrait

I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere with this painting. Added a ton more details into the dragon. Opened up the frame added a background. This helped the composition immensely as I thought it was previously too cramped. I am debating if I will add another color into the painting. One more long session should knock this painting out. I am behind in uploading my art. I will catch up tomorrow. Feedback is very appreated.

As for my 100 painting still life / portrait challenge, I have decided to do it 50/50 and alternate between them. 50 still life paintings and 50 portraits. Here are my goals. All paintings will be in color, and use color in a exciting way. All portraits will be of recognizable people,actors, characters, real of fictitious, but a fictitious character has be in a live film (no cartoon portraits, all must be based photos). The reason for this is if it is recognizable I can get more feedback. For my still life paintings. The models will be from of my sculpture/toy collection of creatures, dinosaurs, dragons, cats, and other cool critters. I will also do some shiny and reflective objects.

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Daily Painting No.87- Dragon painted on a iPad (procreate)


After a epic 2 hour struggle with painting this thing with my finger, and a neck cramp…I am done with it . Not that it is done as a finished painting, I’m just done. Period. For a finger painting it’s not terrible, I’m just would have done better using actual paint or a Wacom tablet.

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Daily Painting No 86. – Raptor WIP 3


I did some more compositional changes and less painting for this round. I still need to clean it up a bit and get it more balanced. This was Monday’s DP. Today’s DP will be uploaded tonight and will be a original painting because the wacom that I take traveling with me is not working. I have to use my iPad. *chills go down my spine* Heaven help me!  Like I said in my previous post after the 100th painting I will be doing a 100 still life paintings and portraits for a hundred days. I will spend at least 30 minutes on each painting but no more then 2 hours. But don’t worry the still life paintings will NOT be boring things like vases and flowers. It will be of awesome things like Dinosaurs, Sharks and Robots (I use allot of toys in my still life paintings, it gives a adult like me a excuse to play with them). My still life will probably only be of one subject due to time constraints.

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Daily Painting No.85 – Walking My Dog (WIP 3)

dragon anthro walking his awesome border collee

As I stated yesterday, I will be jumping around a half dozen unfinished paintings in a haphazard attempt to finish them. I am doing this for two reasons 1. For my portfolio. 2. To continue practicing refinement and details. I been on a dragon drawing/ painting binge for a few months. I’ve also have became a regular at the local zoo, sketching the animals there. If you want to get quick at drawing, regularly draw the animals at the zoo, they never stop moving. Half of my paintings feature dragons in them, I worry I might of overdone it.

I will continue to paint dragons in the future but I will be more balanced.  This daily painting project has successfully made me paint every day. However I need to make my daily paintings more academic, so after the 100th painting, I will focus on portraits (a few self portraits or ‘selfies’, saying the word selfies makes me feel stupid. ‘Portrait’ is not a difficult word to say), still life paintings (mostly toys of animals), and study/copies. I have been incorporating EVERY painting I’ve done into the daily painting project. almost like a quota. I should not do this. My daily painting project needs to be more academic and separate from my projects.

The most important thing about refining and adding details on a digital painting is this. 1. Keep your edges of your masses super clean. 2. Put most of the detail work in the focal point. 3the strokes with in a mass of a less important area of the painting can be much bigger then the focal point but make sure it isn’t ‘sloppy’, keep it clean. 4. put details only in bright highlighted areas, leave the dark areas to the viewer’s imagination.

Feedback is welcome

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Daily Painting No.84 – Dragon Bust WIP

dragon badass portrait bust

I’ve been jumping around various unfinished paintings. I just can’t seem to focus all my energies on just one painting. I couldn’t seem to focus on anything today. It felt that I couldn’t get hardly anything done. I did get most of my assignments done, thankfully. Months ago, I painted a rough of this. I’ve been wanting to finish it for a while. I made a bunch of changes to the face and probably more to come. I will be alternating between this and three other unfinished paintings for this week. I am fast approaching my 100th day of painting daily. I am going to use those 15 days to finish my unfinished stuff. After the 100 day I will return to still life paintings and comp studies. I felt that the still life was the most useful too in learning how to paint.

Photoshop with a Wacom drawing tablet.

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Velociraptor Attacking Soldiers (WIP v2)

velocirapter attacking solders painting still life

Process is slow but steady on this one. I hope I can get allot farther tomorrow. I’m also aiming to finish the “Dragon walking the Dog” painting. Photoshop with a walcom tablet. 2 1/2 hours



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Daily Painting No.83 – Spiderman is Having Dinner Tonight

the cure spiderman is having me for dinner tonight

For Andytallman101. Andy asked me to draw Spiderman with silverware in hand ready to pounce on Robert Smith. The lyrics in Lullaby inspired him. I heard of The Cure but never really paid much attention to their music. I watched one of their music videos on YouTube and thought they where pretty decent . I was struggling with drawing Spiderman upside down, then I realized ‘you fool, flip the canvas 180!’. Note to self: do more then one thumbnail for every painting you do (do a dozen!). Halfway painting this I realized a different shot would of been more effective.

1 hour 30 min. Photoshop with a Wacom tablet 🙂

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Daily Painting No.82 – Walking My Dog (WIP 2)

dragon walking his dog dog dragon walker mans best friend wip

I am sorta embarrassed  about yesterday’s post. It is rather difficult to get blends and weights on a iPad, even with a robust app like Procreate and I just gave up too soon. I  use Procreate mostly for quick sketches and line art, not painting. So I took the sketch and uploaded it in Photoshop and started to repaint it. Got a detail heavy with the face and right hand too soon. I will continue this painting after finishing the Raptor vs. Soldiers painting. Time spent so far: 2 hours. Tools used: Procreate on a iPad and Photoshop with a wacom tablet.

My paintings currently in WIP that I plan on finishing. Since I have homework assignments it will take time for me to finish them all.
Raptor vs. Soldiers -40% finished
Spiderman /Cure Parody for Andytallman – %25 finished
Dragon Portrait -%50 finished
Alex Hawkenstone Illustration 3 -Not started
Genuine Wyrm – 75% finished
Walking My Dog-50% finished

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Daily Painting No.81 – walking my dog


I’m out of town and forgot to put my still life in my Dropbox, so I won’t be able to finish the still life till Thursday. After sketching at the zoo for 5 hours I didn’t fell like painting anything from scratch. So I took a photo of a sketch in my sketchbook and on my ipad attempted to paint over it in Procreate (I forgot my Wacom tablet). I found it too frustrating for me to handle tonight. I’m too tired.It’s tough not having pressure sensitivity. I’m going to bed.

20 minutes on my ipad.

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Daily Painting No.80 – Velociraptor attacking Soldiers (WIP 1)

velocirapter attacking solders painting still life

I miss painting still life. With this still life, I plan on combining what I see with my imagination. I dub this a ‘Fanstasy Still Life Painting’ TM (lol) The best of both worlds. For the next couple days I will be working on this painting. My focus for my paintings are refinement and details. Something I can’t do too much with a 1 hour speed painting. I hope to invest 6+ hours on this. Feedback is very much appreciated. I wont be able to upload stuff on Tuesdays for a couple months. I have classes all day making it impossible for me to do so. Wednesdays though Mondays will be business as usual.

…and yes I intentionally did not put feathers on the raptor. Another paleontologist is dieing somewhere inside. How can I take paleontology seriously when they named the Dracorex after the Hogwarts school in Harry Potter? (yes I am joking about the paleontology thing, but not the Dracorex’s name)

1 and 1/2 hours so far