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Daily Painting No.62 – Best Friends Forever (Part 1)

Horse study with dinosaur dinosaur rider art artwork still life painting

My first COLOR still life painting. It wasn’t as scary as I’d thought it would be. I used my pony and allosaurus toys as a reference. I wanted to include a simple geometric shape as well but I had none with color (because I sprayed white paint over them) . I will go hunting in Goodwill for some. I learned a ton from this painting. First of all color is deceiving. To set up my palette, I did a little game. I took a photo of my still life and loaded it into Photoshop and placed it on my left monitor. I then set up a blank canvas, and placed it on my right. I then guess which colors where correct and placed them on my canvas like a swatch, then i would used the eyedropper tool on the color in the photo I was guessing to see how accurate I was. I would then guess again if it was too far off. That’s how I made my pallet. Because of this I can ‘see’ color a bit more clearly. I discovered that there was really no black color anywhere in the image. The shadow areas actually had a lot of brownish red in them due to bounce lighting. This painting is unfinished and will be completed on Friday. So Far I have spent 1 hour and twenty minutes on it. Painted from scratch using a Wacom tablet.

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