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Daily Painting No.72 – Comp Studies (Day 2)


comp studies rembrant

Day two of comp studies. With so much going on in my life, I have to be more realistic with my comp studies. So I am aiming for 5 comps a day. the comps may or may not be the daily painting for that day depending on how much time I have.

Photoshop. 10 minutes each.


Author: maugryph

I'm a Artist and Cartoonist

10 thoughts on “Daily Painting No.72 – Comp Studies (Day 2)

  1. I LOVE The Lady of Shalott! πŸ™‚

  2. looks like you were having fun. Great challenge my daily drawings fail with frustration too often

  3. Your work ethic is inspiring, and so I’ve decided my new goal is to defeat you.

    I’m not sure what’s comparable to comp studies in graphic design, but as soon as I figure that out you better watch your back. πŸ˜€

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