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Daily Painting No.76 – The Dracokin (Alex Hawkenstone Concept Art)

anthro dragon buff strong male loincloth concept art artwrok concept painting

I really pushed myself to design some concept art that is more complete. This humanoid lizard/dragon is 0ne of the ten races in my Alex story/comic/illustration/concept art project thing. They are called Dracokin or Dracos. There are seven races of men total, inspired by various cultures of our world. The remaining three are more exotic and are based on animals (Bears, Cats, Lizards/Dragons). There will be no stock ‘races’ in my story (elves,gnomes,dwarves) as they have been used so many times, it’s become a cliche. They wouldn’t quite fit in my story anyway. I’m giving the underdog legendary creatures a chance to shine for once. The dracokin style clothing will be more edgy and pointed compared to the other races. The loincloth is just a temporary thing. I plan on designing the clothing and body shapes for all the races in the story.

Photoshop with a drawing tablet. 5 hours

Update: Re did the eyes. They where ‘too human’. I didn’t find them badass enough. Just realized how sloppy and unfinished the feet are compared to the rest of the body. I should fix that if I am going to include this in a portfolio. removed the cheesy background

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